Southgold Moonshine


" Jay"



Jay is the son of the sweetest dog that we have ever had the pleasure of sharing our lives with. Jay is fulfilling his role in mending our hearts after the loss of his sire Wag. Jay was chosen by my husband Ron and essentially is his dog. Jays claim to fame will be in the obedience ring. Watch this space as we work towards our obedience goals.


Pedigree for

Southgold Moonshine


AVA Hips ( 1/1 )  Elbows ( 0/0 )
Heart -  Clear  

Eyes - Clear

Ichthoysis -

Sire Khaznah Remus CD

Sire Aust Ch Sovanna Golden Zachary

Sire Aust Ch Sandusky Klammer CDX

Sire Eng Sh Ch Linchael Conspiracy of Chevanne

Dam Sansue Golden Golria of Sandusky JW

Dam Aust Ch Kiralas Champagne Bubble

Sire Sovanna Fransesco

Dam Aust Ch / NZ Ch Buffalo Bush Legend

Dam Cherrygold Al Kanzneh

Sire Tiptree Hosca Todd

Sire Baramino King Wencelas

DamAust Ch Charterhall Honeysuckle

Dam Ahdor Khe Sanh

Sire Aust Ch Christopher Robin

Dam Adhor Chiri Biri Bin

Dam Southgold Diamantina

Sire Aust Ch Wyandra Autumn Daze

Sire Aust Ch Goldog Alpine Newsflash

Sire Aust Ch Jinabo Limited Edition

Dam Aust Ch Goldog Alpine Meredith

Dam Aust Ch Wyandra Heart Breaker

Sire Aust Gr Ch Goldog Alpine Highland

Dam Wyandra Hugs N Kisses

Dam Yarrenbool GoldenSouffle

Sire Yarrenbool Compton Dando

Sire Aust Gr Ch Kaparla Star Prospect

Dam Ramesham Bellini Silver site

Dam Ramesham Balliholli (Imp UK)

Sire Sundar of Sherida

Dam Ramesham Stephylla


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Serngold Goldens - South Australia