Hi, my name is Lydia Sernecki. Breeding occasionally, I strive to breed dogs who exhibit the friendly nature that the breed is known for. I hope that the dogs that I breed will bring credit to the breed by being excellent ambassadors whether in the show, obedience ring or valued family member. It is my desire that my breeding results in the improvement of temperament, type, movement, and health of Golden Retrievers. I do my utmost in respect to testing and strive to use stud dogs that are compatible with the girls that I have. The dogs that I have live indoors and share our lives to the fullest.

About me:

I have had some form of involvement with dogs since I was about four years old when my parents bought Rex, Australian terrier into our home. When I was eleven I changed breed to the German Shepherd. I loved, worked, bred and shared my life with them until I married. I left Zierka, my last shepherd with my parents, who could not bear to part with her. I had a break from dogs due to living in a unit that did not lend itself to having canine companions. Thirteen years ago, as a result of child pressure – yes I will openly admit that I succumbed after four years of “can we get a puppy mum” Wag entered our life. He was a joy to us all and re kindled my love of working with dogs. As they say in the classics … the rest is history!

I have set up my website to educate you the prospective owner of a Golden so that you may make an educated decision as to whether this breed will suit you and your life style. My site is an evolving site as I find information to impart to you. If you need any assistance or have any questions regarding our breed please contact me and if I am unable to answer your question I hope to put you in touch with someone who can.

My commitment to any dogs owned or produced by me is life long. Should the unforseen arise and your dog need to be re-homed I STRONGLY encourage you to return the dog to me as I may be in a better position to find the right home for him/her—no questions asked. I am here to assist you in your journey in life with your dog no matter how long the journey is.

I love to receive photos and to hear back from those who have added one of my fur-babies to their family. I am only a phone call away should there be any issues with your dog and if I am not able to assist I will point you in the right direction for the answer.



Becoming involved in the world of dogs has not been a journey that I have undertaken on my own. My long suffering husband Ron is definitely not an enthusiast - his philosophy is that a dog is just that a dog that you can take for a walk and give tid-bits to from the dining table! 
I am indebted to the Golden Enthusiasts listed below who have guided me to the point at which I am now. To these people I am eternally grateful for their advise and encouragement. I still have valuable lessons to learn and I hope one day to have the knowledge to impart on someone else who is relatively new to the breed so that our breed can continue for many generations to come.
   Jane Braithwaite - Brackendell  -   http://brackendell.com     
   Rose Easton - Montego  -    www.montegogoldens.com    


Serngold Golden Retrievers - South Australia


 Lydia Sernecki

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