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Buying a Puppy from Us


Firstly as I am not a geneticist or a vet, I would strongly advise you to speak to a vet about the characteristics and health issues that Golden Retrievers may have before you set your heart on getting one. In fact I would suggest this for any breed that you may consider. A vet will give you an unbiased opinion and may lead you to adding the right new family member to your existing household. Don’t forget this is an at least 14 + year commitment. 

When my puppies leave here they have been vaccinated, wormed, vet checked and micro chipped. I provide a comprehensive folder of information when you visit your puppy at 6 weeks of age. My commitment to my puppies is life long, whilst I prefer my puppies to go to forever homes I fully understand that situations change and happily accept back any dog bred by me no questions asked as I would be in a better position to find the right home for your dog.

My puppies are pedigreed dogs. They are sold on the limited register. I do this to protect our breed from indiscriminate breeding. I endeavour to use the best bitch and dog that I am able too in order to have a litter, and as such each and every puppy means a great deal to me. I have ensured that all of the appropriate tests have been completed on the sire and dam prior to the planning of the litter. I have tried to keep with in the breed guidelines with respect to the scoring of both the sire and dam and have either the original or a copy of all of the relevant tests for your perusal.  

Should you wish to show your puppy I will organise for several experienced breeders to assist in the selection of your puppy. I get several opinions’ as it is too easy to become kennel blind with respect to your dogs. Despite this there can be no guarantees as to how your puppy will turn out. There are many factors that come into play as a puppy matures and grows into an adult – the most important of which is environment, both physical and socially. Diet is the important factor in realising the full genetic potential of your puppy. I have had success with rearing pups using the diet that I include in your information folder. I see the dogs diet as an evolving item whereby the components can change depending on how your puppy is growing. This is where you, your dogs provider, needs to watch your puppy as he or she is growing and developing and adjust the diet as required .  
Each and every litter is special in that there will be a mixture of personalities that will reveal themselves as they grow and develop into the loving companions that we admire and work with . I allow my puppies to go to their new home at approximately 8 weeks following their birth. The reason for this is that they are vaccinated at 6 weeks of age and it takes two weeks for the vaccination to take full effect. More importantly, by 8 weeks they will have had the opportunity to socialise with their siblings and mother thereby learning valuable behavioural life lessons.  

On the Saturday, when our babies are six weeks old I hold a puppy socialisation day where everyone who is interested in purchasing one of my babies may come for a visit. I understand that not everyone is able to attend that day so I actively encourage visits after the babies are six weeks old as by then they have built up some immunity and will have had their vaccinations. I prefer not to have people visit prior to this as parvo can be transmitted via your foot-ware, and upper respiratory infection may be transmitted via your hands – I guess that I am like a mother hen in protecting our babies. I just prefer to be safe than sorry. When you attend our puppy day and decide that you would like to share your home with one of our babies, I ask a $400.00 deposit from you. In return I will give you a folder full of information. You then have two weeks to digest everything that is in there. The balance is payable when you collect your baby at 8 weeks of age.  If something happens in that two weeks and you are unable to take your puppy I will refund your deposit when I have placed the puppy reserved for you.

If you have had a dog before do you remember the puppy "destructo" team that entered your life ? Puppies look cute, and by all means they are cute, but to have a well educated adult you must be prepared to educate your youngster in what is expected of him/ her. Now is a good time for you to decide how you would like you puppy to behave i.e.: no jumping up, no going on the couch, etc. .... Puppies, like children need consistency and will test your limits the great thing about puppies is that they never answer back LOL! I strongly advise all dog owners to attend dog obedience classes for two reasons - the first is to educate you on how to educate your dog and the second is the socialisation element. The correct socialisation of puppies is very important. The only way to have a well adjusted adult is to gently expose young dogs to all manner of people/ places/ dogs etc.  
 Fortunately the “hair drifts” that are a common characteristic of a home with Golden's doesn’t start straight away! Are you prepared to groom your Golden to prevent the double coat from matting when they change coats ? A weekly brushing / combing with a coat rake all over is what is needed to keep the coat in good condition. 

I have some questions below for you if you don’t mind. Feel free to ask any questions that you have of me. You need to be happy with me as a breeder just in the same way that I need to be happy with you as a future dog owner!



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Please understand that the reason why I ask these questions is because I am committed to placing the right puppy with the right people and I firmly believe that dog ownership is a three way partnership … you, me and your future dog. If any of the above seems too difficult for you, I fully understand and accept your decision to go elsewhere for your family member.  

  Your name:

  Your home address:

  What sex of dog are you looking for?

  Have you had a dog before? If so what breed of dog have you shared your life with in the past? Do you currently own a dog?

  Is your garden / property suited to a medium sized active dog?

  Is your property fully fenced?

  Do you have children ? If so, how old are they? Think carefully about bringing a puppy into the household when you have very young  children as puppies are not a doll or toy, they have sharp little teeth and will grow. Given the size of our breed can easily knock over a young child.

  Are you buying a puppy to fulfil the wishes of a child, if so don’t forget who will be on “foot; poo; and food patrol” for the next 10 to 14 years?

  Are you prepared for the expenses associated with responsible dog owner ship – apart from the cost of the puppy  there are on going vet fees, council registration fees, food etc.?

  Are you prepared to have your puppy de-sexed when he/she is older? (6months for a female and 12 months for a male) – this costs anywhere around $250 to $300 plus ?

  Are you prepared to bring your dog to eye and heart clinics for testing and pass your results on to me ? The only way that we can assess the health of our breeding is by such testing. This helps me, as a breeder who cares deeply about my future breeding plans and more importantly helps our breed as a whole. Eyes should be tested annually, the heart check is done once only.

  Are you prepared to take your dog to basic obedience classes? The only way to have a dog that is a joy to walk and to have around when visitors arrive is to ensure that your dog is educated in “house manners”. There are many obedience clubs around Adelaide that will help you achieve this goal. I am happy to assist you in finding the club that is closest to you.

  Are you prepared to take your dog for a walk every day? ( AKA “Foot Patrol”) This is not only for exercise, but it is basically to give your dog a chance to go into new environments – don’t forget a fully grown Golden has the mentality of a four year old. As such you wouldn’t leave your four year old outside in the back yard day in and day out. Imagine if you were stuck out there – you would go stir crazy! Sadly, this is how the barking issues start, so don’t let this happen to your dog.


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Serngold Golden Retrievers

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 Lydia Sernecki

Email: serneckr@senet.com.au
ph:  (08) 82485264


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